Tuesday, March 3, 2009

10 signs you are out of shape.

Okay, so I really only have one thing to say, but "One thing that proves you are out of shape" didn't seem very catchy.

About a week and a half ago I woke up Sunday morning sore--my lower back and thighs and everything in between hurt. As I reviewed the events of Saturday, I was puzzled. I did laundry, ran on the treadmill, ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner, lightly cleaned my house--all things I do on a regular basis. None of those things would have made me sore, let alone in the way I was sore. Then it hit me--THE CATS!!!

When I woke up Saturday morning, I had decided it was time to do a thorough wash down of my bedding. I wash my sheets regularly, but I was a little tired of waking up with cat hair in my mouth. I determined that everything that went on my bed would be washed. Unfortunately for my cats, that meant them, too.

I've given them baths before, but usually not both cats in succession. I spent 15ish minutes kneeling over the bathtub fighting to keep Sambo and later on Savvy in the water. Follow that with a hair cutting session to reduce the amount of rear-end hair that if too long will, shall we say, lead to some sticky situations.

I guess the position of leaning over the bathtub fighting with cats that are sure you are trying to drown them makes a mildly out-of-shape person sore. Now I know.

Here are some picture of the cats getting bathed a couple of years ago. See how much fun it is?

Here's Sambo pretending to put up with this treatment:

Here's Savvy trying to get away.


Bethany said...

It's those glorious moments that you're grateful they're de-clawed.